Ms. Victoria’s Cross Dressing Service Offers CD TG/V Storage For Your Lovely Femme Clothing And Shoes

Been Hiding Your Beautiful Crossdressing Clothes?

You no longer need to worry about  your partner, coworker or family member, finding your items.  You no longer need to rehearse that script, should you be  discovered.
Private wardrobe lockers are available for all your girly sissy clothes, women’s lingerie, dresses and high heels.

Buying & Throwing Away, Your Entire, Female Wardrobe?

Crossdressers please don’t purge your treasured things. It takes so  much dedication, time and money to build a beautiful wardrobe of clothes, make-up and shoes. Purging often makes it worse; losing very precious belongings and knowing you really don’t want to give up dressing.

No Where To Send Those Fabulous Online Femme Purchases?

All sissy lockers come with a secure mailing address for your sissy online purchases.
Purchase away and have your packages sent to The Salon.

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